had the worst flight ever. without exaggerating. first of all, i arrive ON TIME for once at John Lennon's airport in Liverpool. i'm bout to check in when the girl behind the desk very strictly tells me that my luggage is overweight. i could tell right away she was not someone to negotiate with. her eyes told me "in your face!"  very clear. noway that i've misinterpret those scary eyes. i had to remove 6kg. SIX KILOS! i was already carrying a shitloads of books in my handbag and now i had to stuff it with another six kilos of shit. since i was totally out of options i started unpacking my suitcase. after 5 attempts to unpack as much as possible, 5 times returning to the desk to see try my luck, who knows, maybe the girl's period had suddenly stopped? NOT EVEN CLOSE. she was pickier than god knows what. so i actually removed 6 kilos. finally, got to check in.

now the next step.
where to put the 6 kilos of stuff. (a few sweaters, tops, two pairs of shoes and one make up kit) i brought my whole closet with me into the bathroom and started putting as much as possible on me. in the end, i stood there, wearing 4 tops, 3 sweaters and 2 jackets. hey! they said it's cold in sweden.

by this time i still had one plastic bag of stuff that could not fit into my poor bag which had totally become deformed. by the gate i had the luck to encounter another very nice lady. "you got two bags, you may not go through" oooohkeeey.
so close to burst into tears cause i had nothing on me that i had any intentions on leaving behind. i ended up throwing away a pair of shoes. black ballerinas so guess thats fine. gargh.

anywho, to fastforward a bit. the flight itself was fine. slept most of the time. went directly to the restaurant to fill my stomach. by the time i arrived i was starving like hell. mom and dad had prepared welcome-home food. LOVE LOVE LOVE! i can describe how happy i am to be back home. later bro came and was superdupermeganice. did everything i said without complaining. let's see for how long this will last.

now, guitar hero with bro! god, i've missed this.

now, imma enjoy THIS kinda food for a friggin month! holy cow, i'm in heaven.


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