damn it hella rocked.
starting with the fact that I was almost late for my own bday party ending with the fact that I havent gotten any sleep at all and im off to work in an hour.
we had this nice dinner at our restaurant (Bamboo Garden) with this fabulous cake.
then dad and his mafia crew got us into GK which was awesome even tho the music sucked sum major fatass.
such a pity that many ppl decided to go home after the dinner tho.

anywho.. after GK the peeps talked bout this afterparty in Länna with Karaokee and all that jazz. after some dramatic taxi-ride we arrived safely and excited.
dang, since we were in the middle of nowhere we could basically scream and shout as loud as we wanted to. our singing was fantabulous and we all ended up fallin asleep on the floor, couch and on top of each other.


the party started yesterday at 20.00 and ended this morning at 08.00 meaning, we partied for 12 frickin hours.
oh my buddha. AND OH OH... the sweetest part is that i just got home and its time for me to get ready for work.

overall, i had a nice 12-hours-of-partyin. my feet are dead and so am I.
have a nice day. over and out.

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