12 stays. 14 leaves.

Today is the big day, today we will find out who the 12 girls that are continuing this pageant are and who the 14 eliminated are.

Im not nervous, im happy either way. If I make it, great. If I don't, great I get to go back home. Kinda tired now. Dunno if I would survive another month. However, it would be sorta nice to hang around for another month as well, two way of thinking.

However,  yesterday was "zhong qiu jie" so we had moon cakes and Beijing duck! HELLA YUMMY!

Yesterday we also got to try our evening dresses. Omg. My dress was the absolute most hottest dress ever, me like me like.

It's black and a bit too long, even with me wearin heels. Anyways, im the only one who can wear It since im the tallest here. If its too long for me, then good luck to any of the other girls tryin to wear it. Seriously hope I wont slip and fall off stage. *knockin on wood*

Anyways, I think it was the prettiest dress out of them all so im happy.


ive been superlazy the last few days.
we've been doin loads of things, so havent really had the time to update.
however, yesterday, the japanese organizers had prepared this fireworks show for us.
im tellin ya, it was fantabulous. ive never seen anythin like that, not even close. it was awesome. terrific. spectacular. yea u name it.
then we find out that it was only their rehearsal, the real show was gonna be held today. i must say it was hundred times better because they had fireworks lookin like hello kitty, smileys and hearts. it was superdupermegakewl.

yesterday we were basically preparin for our presentations, presentations bout our activity we had a few days ago (i was swimmin with dolphins) so in our groups we had to decide who was gonna be responsible for the introduction. we had this lottery and halelujah, of course i was the chosen one.

seriously.. my chinese is the worst, im the only oversea girl in this group, but naw.. nobody wanted to do it so i did it. went to bed at 4am just to finish my speech. and i can mention i was shakin as hell on stage, tho nobody seemed to notice. overall it went allright, i didnt do anythin superrandom. it was ok. im proud that i managed to speak chinese for 10 minutes non stop w/out pukin or fallin off stage.

however, later on was one of those emotional moments again. we all realized we are gonna leave each other soon so ppl were cryin on stage, off stage and all over the place. even the crew, the workers were crying. so touching.
tho its been pretty tiring and sometimes even exhausting i think this experience has been smokin hawt. we have done so many things and i do realize its a once in a lifetime moment, and im sure this memory will follow me for the rest of my life. totally unforgetable.

today we were invited to this farewell ceremony/party that the Japanese crew had organized for us, o my buddha, i almost died. literally speaking yes. we were posing with heels on for like...eternity? my toes are totally deformed and the qiapo was so tight that i barely could breath. scratch that, that i couldnt breath.
we performed our dance and then had superlittle food (we were wearin qipaos) but the food was nice.

im back in the room now. finally managed to exchange sum money, ive been so broke the last week since i didnt have japanese yen. the hotels we were stayin at didnt accept my credit card and they didnt accept chinese rmb. the funny thing is that this hotel im stayin at now (wakayama marina city, royal pines hotel) dont accept rmb either, but fortunately, they accept swedish crowns (so random i know) it even surprises me that theyve heard of sweden.

allright, time to get a shower and then bounce to bed.
tomorrow my personal wakey wakey is gonna wake me up at 5am. then ill be off to the airport cuz tomorrow we are goin back to Beijing. hasta la vista baby!

pics comin up later.

Japan Day 5.

way too tired to update last night, so here's a short update bout what we did yesterday.
yesterday was the day many of the girls we're least lookin forward to because it was the day our bikini photoshoot was takin place. that means that we'll be exposed to the sun and many girls wont be able to keep their white skincolour. me on the other hand was superlookin forward to it because ive been waitin for a long time to work on my tan. mwahaha. yes, i was amongst the most tanned ones.

a lot of pics were taken and they were filmin nonstop. tho many of the things/moves we did were a bit too cheezy, random and funny it was fun. they had made this huge phoenix tv/miss chinese blah blah sign out of the sand in the middle of the beach. o lord twas beautiful.

we had three different bikinis/swimsuits and when the night arrived and it got dark outside, they had put tons of candles all over the beach. omg it looked absolutely incredible. me and some of the girls were talkin bout how awesome it would be if ur future husband asks u to marry him in that kinda moment/scene. wow huh? :D

however, then we got to make a wish, write it on a paper and light a candle. then everyone got interviewed, we had to tell them our wish and then look out over the ocean and wait for our fireworks. the feeling was indesricable and i seriously missed my family and all my friends back home. unforgetable moment. it was beautiful.

Japan Day 4.

Omg today was most def one of the most fantabulous days ever, even tho my group had to wake up at 5.30 it was all worth it because the schedule of the days said: "dolphins"

Oh my Buddha, we got this superhot (not) swimming/water dress that was so tight that we barely could breath.

However, first of all it took us like 2 hours to actually get there and when we finally arrived  we changed into out bikinis and the earlier mentioned water dress.

We saw the dolphin show which was awesome, many pictures were taken and the camera men were filming non-stop. Many interviews took place and then we finally got to touch the dolphins.

Everything was peaceful until I got bit on my nails by one of the dolphins. Damn I must say that I almost got a heartattack, not because of the fact that it did hurt but because of the fact that hello, I got bit by this huge dolphin. Thank god my nails are thick and I bet that saved my fingers. Nothing serious happened, they're just a bit sensitive now but wtf, it could've been worse. I found out that the reason he/she bit me was the he/she wasn't in a good mood. I mean come on, I bet dolphins have their period time as well. Otherwise they don't really bite people unless they feel attacked or something.

Later we actually went into the water ourselves and got to cuddle with the dolphins. I managed to keep all my fingers safe this time. We were feeding them and the dolphin trainers taught us a few signs that would make the dolphins jump, dance, spit water, talk/sing and wave. So damn cute, ive made my mind folks. On my 19th bday I want a dolphin! :D

Just before we were bout to get into the water entirely to swim around with them, one of the girls fainted because of the heat and because she had been feeling bad the whole day so the whole activity got cancelled. Twas pretty sad but the most important thing is that the girl is feeling better now. So everythin's good and we are all glad that we got this chance, after all, only 6 girls were picked out to participate in this activity, 6 out of 26 girls so im happy.

Japan Day 3.

This day has been nice, i was the only one from my room that had to wake up at 5 oclock and get downstairs to get my hair and make up done. The rest who were in group D could wake up at 7.30. talk about unfair?

I was basically hanging out with Laura today, one of the girls who's from New Jersey. Really nice.

We went to this energy field to see this methane hydrate study kit (whatever) and then the Japanese people showed us this famous robot that got this award last year. However, to make it short... it was a tiring day, superhot outside and we were all wearing long sleeved sweaters.

Gosh im too tired, need sum sleep.

Japan Day 2.

This is getting pretty frustrating. Theres no internet (except that one and only internet cable in the whole hotel) which we cant really use because we are not supposed to leave our hotelroom. And my cellie doesn't work. People back home are prolly being pretty frustrated as well and pissed off (especially bunni) but yea... things are kinda lame now.

We arrived yesterday and went to our hotel called Hotel Urashima. We got some pretty kick assing food a la Japanese style. And then we received the key to our hotelroom, I shared a room with Gillain again but I must say that room is 9835497548 times smaller than the one we stayed at in Beijing.

Another thing that sux is that theres no ATM machine and the only currency they accept is American dollar. So with RMB and Swedish crowns im pretty useless and broke. Then I bought this telephone call which doesn't really work, everybody sing hallelujah. I feel so uncivilized and uber unsocial, sorry folks back home.

Today we switched room and now the room is kinda huge but im sharing it with 6 other girls. Imagine 7 girls sharing one bathroom, yea exactly.

But one nice thing is that we went to "pao wun chuan" (hot spring) that was fantabulous.

However, we have been practising a fan dance all week, and today was the day we were supposed to perform it, but unfortunately it was raining so they had to put up this tent which made the stage megasmall. Therefore we couldn't perform it. So, one week of wasting time.

Tomorrow we are being split into four groups, im in group c and as far as im concerned, we are going to do something that has something to do with dolphins. Dunno yet if it is swimming with them or just lookin at them, that would be lame.

Finally managed to call mom and bunni today, damn tomorrow is gonna be a long day, gotta wake up at 6 and get my make up done at 6.30. I will be so dead since its already 1am.

So imma bounce to bed now.

Over and out.

Japan Day 1.

Finally the day arrives, the day i've been waiting for ever since I came to Beijing.

Atm I'm sitting on the bus, on our way to the hotel that is located about 5 hours from the airport. We're in Osaka, Japan.

The first impression I got was, dang its hot here. And the fact that all the Jecci five clothes we got are long sleeved so im kinda doubting the fact that we'll survive these ten days.

Had an interview last night about the feelings and thoughts I have concerning this trip, I kinda screwed up pretty badly. I knew the webcam was on and that mom was lookin at the whole interview so I was sorta nervous and bullshitted about random stuff. Dang it. Oh well, better luck next time.

However, my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier so I think ill stop here and sleep the rest of the bus trip.


These days has been pretty tight planned, we went to learn how to dance balet and each one of us received a pair of cute balet shoes. but damn, i must admit it was pretty difficult to hold the balance considerin the fact that im pretty tall.

we have been practisin our dance quite a lot lately, it is goin to be performed in Japan in a few days. speakin bout Japan, we're off tomorrow morning at 6am. god please save me.
everyone got a suitcase which they said costs 4800/each. OMG. why bother? give us more food instead.  its just a suitcase. however, we've been packin all day and im still struggling with closing it.

Yesterday Wang fei's husband came to our daily meeting to talk about the "lip disease" (cant come up with the correct name) their daughter has and how he started a project to let the contestants go to "gui zhou" to help children with the same problem. As soon as the videos started playin, i couldnt hold it back anymore. after a while, every girl was basically sitting there, crying. I must say this is indeed touching and loads of emotions are brought out.

Im gettin interviewed in a while, about what feelings and thoughts i have concerning the japan trip. thank god i was a social science student, or i'd never be able to go thru 387546543 interviews/day. (social science students have the tendency to bullshit a lot) haha. jk.

Mr Psychologist.

today this man came to help us gain a better confidence, self esteem and to make us relax more. i must say i had to re do my make up 3 times. in the middle of everything, one of the girls started to get uberemotional and started to cry. the reason was because it's the 9/11 day and she is representing the us.
however, as time passed , all of the girls started to cry and i could not hold back. to be honest i got superduperemotional and started to think about things that have happened.

however, we got ready for lunch and after that it was time to get ready for another activity. The boss from the brand "Diamend" came to teach us how to match necklaces, bracelets and earrings etc. it was quite an interesting lesson. me and a few others were models of the day and i had both a casual wear outfit and a dress. i got prizes for both of the combinations. HALELUJAH. finally i feel that im back in the game haha.
anywho, got two necklaces from the Diamend brand. Vanassa collection.

oh my lord, just got back from the meeting. think im off to bed now since they just told us we are going to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning. the plan is to go to this balet thingy. apparently pretty famous and representing the whole country. oh well, nitey nitey.


Today was a pretty peaceful day. bunni called to wake us up at 6am and then we bounced to have sum breakfast.
after that we were told to bring our heels a la 13 cm to the second floor to practise our walk. seriously, i dont get the way chinese ppl walk or at least how they think a walk should look like. at least the teacher. so .... errm, weird?

after that we went to get our make up done and our hair. then it was time to get on the bus and off we were to the studio to be in this talkshow called "lu yu you yue" with Lu Yu as the host (daah)
omgosh, she is superduperubermegaskinny. she is like, non existant? almost.

however, the four previous winners from the miss chinese cosmos pageant came to be guests and i must say the winner of 2005 was the prettiest one.

two funny things that happened to me today was that first of all, a few days ago i got some mosquito bites on my feet and arms and since im allergic they look pretty... unsexy. so i decided to wear long sleves and pants when im sleeping. i must say that wasnt quite a good idea since the stubborn mosquitos decided to locate their poison asses on my face instead. so now i have two huge, red spots on my forehead and as if that wouldnt be enough, one of my ears has become very similar to dumbo's ear. sing halelujah.

the other thing is that right before we are bout to enter the studio and start filming i realize that i got this huge hole on my shirt. god save me. so during the whole talkshow i had to pretty much sit there and do poses in order to cover up the hole with my arm. why does this always happen to me?

anywho, off to bed now. long day tomorrow again. we got our suitcases for our japan trip and wohoooo, off we go soon!



this is the 5th day of my Beijing trip. many things have happened and to make it short, we have been busy being interviewed, filming commercial clips, photoshoots and waiting. feels like we are waiting all the time since we are 26 girls in the pageant. and everyone needs to get ready and yeda..its complicated. but im havin hella fun even tho we all get superexhausted every single day.

three days ago we woke up, got our make up and hair done and then we were going to pick our contestant numbers. they had designed 26 dolls and each one of them had a number so the one we picked was the number we got. so from now on i am contestant number 19.

two days ago we went to film our commercial that i think might be seen on the website by now. morning call at 6am and we didnt get back to the hotel until midnight. talk about bein tortured. i can also mention that it was the same studio as Jackie Chan had filmed his shampoo commercial the day before. KEWL.

yesterday we had a photoshoot which didnt take that long, thank god. the hairstylist made me look like 12 years old. however, we are being sponsored by Jecci 5 New york. this funny brand with "no comments" kinda clothes. superdupermegafula med andra ord. someone save me.

Idag akte vi skidor, tro det eller ej, min absolut forsta gang. sjukt kul.
allrighty.. ill try to update as much as possible.

now, enjoy our "tian shi/angel" picture.


First of all, Ive been taking a long vacation from this site.
Been way too busy to write in my blog, however now im back and with more news than ever before.

One day my dear mother just suddenly decided to apply her daugher, which in this case is me, to the miss chinese cosmos pageant 2007. apparently she had sent in my pictures and one week before the actual European final they called me. they wanted me to go. schweet. inte alls min grej so i was rather chocked. i even tried to convince them that they had dialled the wrong number. obviously I failed to since they the one they were looking for was no other than me. sigh.

three days before the Euro final I decided to join the pageant...
more details might be added later.
the main point is that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the Euro final are going to Beijing to represent Europe in the world's final.

2nd place (Sweden), 3rd place (France) and 1st place (Germany)
In other words.. I'm in Beijing atm. enjoyin life and being hella busy...
NEXT DESTINATION: JAPAN (15th of September)

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