Dumplings is the shit!

you guessed it.
i had dumplings today.
made them with bibi who made the kitchen look like a total mess.
but it was without doubt worth it!
homemade dumplings is the shit!


sitter här med en hög blanketter.
alla skall läsas, skrivas på, kopieras och skickas in.
detta tär på mina nerver.
det faktum att det är sista minuten arbete gör inte saken bättre.
sitter nämligen med mina accommodation blanketter för uni.
dessa skulle ha varit inskickat för några dagar sen. men vad gör vicky?
jo, ansöker om extension. bara för att hon inte tagit sig i kragen och gjort det hon behövt göra. I TID!
i guess i only have myself to blame.
om 45 minuter ska jag slänga iväg ett samtal till the accommodation office för att bekräfta det faktum att: JAG VILL HA RUMMET!
or...i'll end up on the street.
jag känner hur aggressionen växer inom mig. detta får inte ske!
jag som om några veckor kommer vara universitetsstuderande får inte gå runt och släpa på denna dåliga vana.
something has to be done ffs!

nu. breakfast time.


kan knappt bärga mig till helgen.
inte för att det händer något speciellt utan mer att jag mer eller mindre är helt slut pga jobbet.
var uppe i gävle en sväng i förrigår, hade några ärenden att fixa. så när jag var klar ringde jag upp carin som fortfarande låg och latade sig i sängen. visserligen var kl bara nio men ändå. haha.

så när hon kom in till stan satte vi oss på Coffeehouse för att äta frukost. det blev en bakad potatis för min del. helt opassande i know men var så in i biip sugen på en sådan just då så en bakad potatis det blev.
sen rörde vi oss runt på stan, var på jakt efter nya jobbarskor men fann inga trots rean som fanns överallt. vi scannade Gallerian Nian, småbutikerna och utan någon större framgång promenerade vi hem till C och kollade på "Bull fighter" (dou niu yao bu yao) gargh, mike he! anyways...

bibi hade under tiden hunnit hem med bilen för några ärenden i stockholm och sedan skyndat sig tillbaka till Gävle för att spendera resten av dagen med oss. creds to bibi for that! (i know u're reading...)

vi åt en sen lunch på Lam's Terass (där jag jobbade i tre hela dagar förra sommaren under cityfestivalen) träffade på L som jag jobbade med som för övrigt hängde med oss tre till Valbo efter lunchen. där scannade vi återigen igenom alla butiker men icke sa nicke. bibi däremot hittade ett par byxor. Medans han speglade sig i hundra år lekte jag och Carin (läs: jag) med espresso maskinen inne på Brothers. hur uh-mazing som helst! mega high tech. tvingade sedan bibi att dricka upp en trippel espresso, bara för att jag skulle få leka med apparaten.

vid sjutiden började vi dra oss hemåt mot stockholm. vid det här laget har bibi kört från gävle-sthlm-gävle och nu tillbaka till sthlm igen. helt knas.

återigen, längtar till helgen! troligtvis blir det utgång och bday party. sweet.

men imorn väntar ännu en arbetsdag.


in the middle of my studying i decided to take a 5minutes break (which very unintentionally turned  into 1 hour) to sort out the files in my computer. tons of documents, pictures and music that seriously needs to be sorted into categories so my comp wont look like a total dumpster.

anyways, i came across a few more pictures that brought me on a nostalgic trip back in the days.


1. my bride inside "beyond retro" at SOUK.
2. in 10 minutes we picked out an outfit for each other. the uglier/unmatchier the better. this was the result.
3. Sheena almost died from a laughing attack seeing herself (read: me) in the mirror.
4-5 Monicas bday dinner at Shogun.


days of my life.


back home.
got my new cut. it was nice but way too short for my personal taste. way too short.
but i guess this time it was worth the money.
(last time i cut my hair i went in, threatened the girl in SOUK NOT to cut too much and all she dared to cut was approximately 2cm) i came out and looked just a lil bit different cuz she styled it but the day after i was back on square one.
so this time i can proudly tell u all, its a huge difference. but still.... my hair!!!

bibi said it was ugly.

no picture today since this kinda hair requires some styling and im way too lazy busy for that now. need to get nerdy with the books.

over and out.


so tomorrow im about to get a new haircut.
haven't decided yet what kinda hairstyle imma go for this time.
but something has to be done!
if i go on like this, i'll have no difficulties gettin a page on my own in the guiness world record book for having the world's longest hair.
w/out exaggerating.
so tomorrow mother and daughter are gonna get a hairmakeover.
stay tuned for pictures of the new cut.

soon i'll be able to scrub the floor with my weed...


I guess it's time for me to actually realize the fact that im movin my ass down to uk in less than a month.
still can't believe my gap year has almost passed and i'm about to step into the life of an university student. nervous?
heck yea i am.

to be very honest though, the nervosity hasn't really hit me yet and i guess it wont until im actually sitting on the plane towards uk, manchester.
people who know me well enough won't be surprised by the things i have to tell.
i just fixed my accommodation. yes, less than a month before i'm about to start my first term.
because of that, i didnt really get my first choice so running into the accommodation office will probably be the first thing i do when i arrive. the second thing will be to do everything in my power to get a slightly better room ENSUITE! gargh.
i guess i'll have to suit myself. guess nothing has changed, my very awesome habit is still existing and from what it looks like now, it doesnt seem to wanna disappear.

today has been a long day. woke up at 6. left the house w/ family at 7.
started working from 11 until 19. bibi came to enjoy my lunchbox w/ me before he bounced to work.
working at fitness24seven is quite chill i gotta admit. but sometimes... it gets a bit tougher than usual. besides carrying back all the free weights á la 40kg (around 10 kg less than me) i gotta do stuff like writing a manual for how to use the security camerasystem, please everyones needs, order products from everywhere and call 38748932743 peeps/day. but its all worth it. at this point i think i'd do anything to avoid café jobs.

driver's test on monday. since i booked the test this late i wasn't surprise that there were no spots left here in stockholm. actually it was bibi who secretly booked it for me or i'd postpone it even further. so now i hafta get up north just to do this stupid test. bibi will be driving for 2-3 hours. so next destination: Gävle.

allrighty, better get my ass of the computer and start studying. pressure pressure pressure. can ya feel me?

on top of everything, im missing my girls who left us all for taiwan. you bastards! :)

Need to start packing soon.

last night's movin in party at T's place was nice. Despite the fact that i arrived a lil bit late, we all had sum nice chit chat.
went to bed at 4 and lemme tell u all waking up this morning was a pain in the a-hole.
can't believe it's only a month left til imma head for uk. head for university and head for a life w/out my beloved friends and family back here in sweden. anywho...

now, i aint headin for anythin but my beauty sleep. so ciao folks.

one more thing,
today wifey and siz left for Taiwan. so damn jealous. but im lookin forward to february when i get to party my ass off w/ em. HELLS YEA!


so i've been workin my ass off the whole week.
at the gym during the weekdays and this weekend at SAS masters in Arlandastad. 3897584397543 hours of ride, no kidding. ive slept less than 5 hours / day. waking up before 6 everyday BUT ive met uberwonderful people. so it was all worth it.
not to mention the c-a-s-h. working nonstop for a week i can say equals as much (and more) as i earned per month at the café. errr. high five to me.

so now im back home after Mr Jacks bday dinner and off to bed in a while.
just gotta call bibi.

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